BOOK A FLU JAB - How to Book a Covid vaccine

Coronavirus Patient Information 

Vacccine Update


Flu clinics are open and please ask if eligible




Where will they happen?  At  St Andrews Hall OPPOSITE THE PRACTICE. We are no longer able to use the Dore Vaccine Site. 

Who will be prioritised? We will follow the JCVI advice for priority groups and we need to time them 6months after your 2nd dose. 

What if I think I need a Booster as am immunocompromised? We will prioritise these individuals and you can book before 6 months 

When am I eligible? You are eligible 180days after your 2nd dose for a Booster (Last vaccine on the 16th May 2021)

What Covid vaccine will it be? We will use the Pfizer Vaccine for Covid Booster Programme

 When is your next clinic? We are hoping to do another clinic on 30/11/2021 (TBC) for those who had their last vaccine after 3rd  June 2021.

what if I get invited via national booking line? Get your vaccine wherever you can, if we have invited you please decline so we can make slot free for others

Can i get a flu jab at same time? We are doing only Covid jabs at St Andrews Hall, call recpetion about your flu jab.


Messaging on vaccines for 12 – 15year olds

This is being delivered at Schools.

16 and 17 year olds

FOR INFO: Walk-in clinics for 16 & 17 year olds

Darnall Primary Care Centre is now vaccinating 16 & 17 year olds. This age group can attend one of the following walk-in clinics, or wait to be contacted by the NHS with an appointment. They can't currently book an appointment via the national booking site.

 Longley Lane, Sheffield, S5 7JN, at the old Blood and Transport building, adjacent to the Northern General Hospital. Ran by Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. Open 7.40am - 5pm, Monday - Sunday. 

 Darnall Primary Care Centre, 290 Main Road, Darnall, Sheffield, S9 4QH. Open 7pm - 9pm, Monday - Friday and 9am - 4.30pm Saturday and Sunday. Vaccines offered first come, first served. 

  • Please don’t contact your GP about vaccination for this age group.
  • 16 and 17 year olds will not need parental consent to have the vaccine.
  • The only vaccine currently approved for under-18s in the UK is Pfizer.

12 – 17 year olds with underlying health conditions

  • Children aged 12 to 17 years with specific underlying health conditions that put them at risk of severe COVID-19 should be offered 2 doses of Pfizer vaccine with an interval of 8 weeks between doses.
  • This currently includes children with severe neuro-disabilities, Down’s Syndrome, underlying conditions resulting in immunosuppression, profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD), severe learning disabilities or who are on the learning disability register.
  • If you are eligible you will be contacted by the NHS when it is time for your vaccination appointment.
  • Please don’t contact your GP about vaccinations



First Doses 

We are not currently offering more first doses 

We have done 7089 first doses (70% of our 10000population) and4519 second dose as of the 8th June. 

We have already delivered 70% of Cohort 12 (Age 18-29 patients) 1st doses ahead of the government schedule. 

This would not be possible without the work of an incredible volunteer force down at Dore Surgery staffed by people from across our neighbourhood. Thank you all so much.

We recommend anyone still in need of a first dose contact the national booking hotline  


Book or manage your coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination - NHS (


Second Doses  

We are working to accelerate the schedule to 8 weeks for second doses for those >50year old. 

We will aim to keep appointments at the planned 11 week interval for under 50’s, but it may be brought forward nationally.

We will text any change to appointments via AccuBook.

COVID-19 Booster vaccine information

Phase 3 of the NHS Covid-19 vaccination is still to be confirmed 

Once there is more information regarding who is eligible and priortity groups we will update you, and contact you directly.  

COVID-19 vaccination status /How to access my vaccine record or vaccine passport?

Please do not call us for a covid 19 vaccine record or vaccine card. The original vaccine cards were only to help people know their second dose dates, which have often changed as the vaccine schedule changed. We have delivered over 7000doses and it is not appropriate or necessary for practices to provide this information. 
1. NHS App - Covid Status - NHS Covid Pass - this is in the NHS App, under section your COVID-19 status and includes a 2D barcode with 'covid pass'
2. Online (
3. Paper copy sent via post (req online or calling 119

Covid vac

Can I choose which vaccine I get?

It will not be possible to give a choice between different vaccines as the healthcare professional vaccinating you will have to use the vaccine that is available at the time of your appointment.

What’s the difference between the different vaccines?

The vaccines that the NHS uses and in what circumstances will be decided by the MHRA. Both vaccines are classed as being very effective. The Oxford/AstraZeneca is easier to store and transport, meaning we can deliver them in more places, and we expect to have more doses available as they are manufactured in the UK, so we would expect that most people are likely to receive this vaccine over the coming weeks and months.


COVID-19 vaccination and blood clotting - Information about your vaccination

Public Health England information leaflet