Greystones Coronavirus Hub

Coronavirus Hub

Please note, this page applies to any patient who has been directed by a local GP to attend the Greystones Hub for a triage appointment during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. Please do not attend this hub without an appointment. 

The following information may be of use to you before attending your appointment at Greystones surgery. 

Greystones surgery is located at 33 Greystones Road, Sheffield, S11 7BJ. 

Map of where it is here

•Please arrive at your allotted appointment time & park in the disabled bay in the carpark behind the building and wait in your car, or wait in the disabled car park space if arriving on foot.



•Do not ring the doorbell or try and enter the building - contact Greystones reception on 0114 2666528 to confirm your arrival, or the clinician on 0114 2266589 if the phones are diverted over lunch time. 

•The duty doctor will call you on your mobile phone to discuss your case before assessing you. 

•At your assessment, we will need to take your oxygen saturation levels with a probe on a finger. This won’t work well if hands are cold, so please wear gloves or turn the heating up in the car en route. 

•For infection control reasons, your assessment may take place in your car unless deemed necessary by the doctor that you need an examination inside. You will be unable to use the toilets at Greystones Medical Centre.

•‚ÄčThe doctor will be wearing personal protective equiptment (PPE) including apron, gloves, facemask and glasses for your mutual protection. 

Patients can contact these below for essential needs

Sharrow Community forum   0114 2508384

Whirlow and Millhouses 

Whirlow - Ameena 07723384496 or Iwan 07766710712

Millhouses - Jude 07977096567 or Anna 07955642303


S11 in general

Patients can email OR