Non-urgent advice: Appointments

Shortness of Breath? Chest Pains? Other Life Threating Medical Issue? PLEASE CALL 999

  • Our Reception Team have received "Care Navigation" training and have been trained to process your appointment requests and suggest the most appropriate practitioner or service to deal with your request and may direct you to suitable services such as Social Prescribers, First Contact Physiopherapists or Minor Injuries Units
  • A Hollies GP assesses, prioritises, and allocates every appointment request (this is triage).
  • We will respond by setting up an appointment with an appropriate clinician (this could be a GP, Physician Associate, Nurse, Healthcare Assistant, Pharmacist, or Physiotherapist) or arranging a call-back.
  • We understand that not all medical issues happen early in the day so please do call us as needed however we may need to direct you to the walk-in centre, NHS 111 or other services if we do not have the availability to see you today.
  • If the practice is closed when you need urgent help, advice can be found at

Please see further details on waiting times, call-backs and referrals below.

Urgent advice: Urgent Appointments

I feel I need to be seen today.

For example (but not restricted to): Sick children, Severe pain, Infection (e.g., chest/urine/cellulitis/wound), High temperature, Acute breathlessness, Dizziness/chest pain/faints/suspected stroke, Elderly/frail, Cancer patients, Patient in Care Homes, Mental Health crisis.


Between 8.00-8.30am here: AccuRx



0114 255 0094 between 8.30-10.00 am.

If you do not get through straightaway, you will be told where you are in the queue.


Non-urgent advice: Non-Urgent / Routine

I can wait to be seen.



Between 8.00-8.30am here: AccuRx



0114 255 0094 between 10.00-11.00 am.

If you do not get through straightaway, you will be told where you are in the queue.

Non-urgent/Routine Appointments when available, can also be made in advance using SystmOnline

Non-urgent advice: Administrative requests

For example (but not restricted to): Doctors Letters, Fit (sick) Notes, Referral Follow Ups, Test Results

Requests for the above can be made online throughout the day up to 4.00pm

Click HERE for Administrative request 

A clinician may turn off this function earlier if their workload exceeds capacity. 

Non-urgent advice: Prescription Requests and Information

For safety reasons we are no longer able to take any prescription requests over the telephone or via e-mail.

We are asking that all repeat prescription requests are now done done through the NHS app or by using our Online Service (SystmOnline) SystmOnline Login (

Please contact us if you have any issues or need setting up. 


Non-urgent advice: Further Information

  • We aim to give urgent requests for an appointment on the same day.
  • Waits for non-urgent requests will vary and can be up to four weeks.
  • For call-backs and telephone appointments, we will phone twice from a withheld number. If there is no answer from your phone, you will need to make a new appointment.
  • An appointment at another GP Practice or Clinical Location may be suggested to suit your condition (e.g., physiotherapy) and availability (e.g., evenings and weekends).


Home Visit Requests:

  • Requests for home visits should be phoned through to the surgery before 10:00am whenever possible please.

 Emergency visits take priority at all times. Please remember that visits are for patients who are housebound or too ill to come into surgery.

 Other Appointment Types:

Requesting a letter - Depending on the urgency, reception will book this as a Non-Urgent / Routine Appointment.

Post Natal - We have a number of slots each week dedicated to Post Natal appointments. Depending on the urgency, reception will book this as a Non-Urgent / Routine Appointment.

Gynae - You will need a 20 minute face to face appointment with a GP. Depending on the urgency, reception will book this as a Non-Urgent / Routine Appointment. 

If you have been told to call to review test results - > Please book a Non-Urgent / Routine Appointment with the GP involved. 

Birthday review - > We will contact you around your birthday to arrange an initial appointment with a Health Care Assistant if you need an Annual Medication or Long-Term Condition Review.

Urgent advice: Cancel an Appointment

Please contact Reception on 0114 2550094, if you are unable to attend your appointment. This will allow that appointment to be offered to another patient and for you to book into a more suitable time if required.  

Most appointments now have automated reminders that are sent out 24 hours before your appointment start time. These reminders also have links attached enabling you to cancel your appointment online.

SystmOnline Access and Airmid UK App for appointment bookings and more

SystmOnline Access: Online Services



SystmOnline is a website integrated into the practice's patient and appointment software which allows patients to view their electronic medical record as well as providing other features such as appointment management or ordering repeat prescriptions. 

SystmOnline is still available on browsers by clicking HEREfor those wanting to access their information on a computer but the SystmOnline app has been replaced by TPP’s new patient-facing app, Airmid. Airmid provides users with existing SystmOnline functionality plus lots more.

If you have used SystmOnline previously, you can still use the same login details to access Airmid, downloadable from both the Apple App Store and Google Play.


To request online access either speak to reception on your next visit, we just need to see official Photo ID such as your Driving License or your Passort and we will proces the request from there.

Airmid UK App

Airmid: Your health, your record, your app


Airmid is a mobile app, provided by SystmOnline, that integrates into the practice's patient and appointment software, designed to support you, bringing you closer to clinicians and giving you control of your own healthcare needs. Airmid gives you access to your medical records and reduces the need for face-to-face appointments. It provides details of local health care organisations, allowing you to exercise more control over your personal health while reducing the time that you spend on it.

For more information or to download the Airmid UK app to your mobile device please click HERE



    • ‘I can’t use accuRx in the morning’ – Please phone reception between 08:30am and 10:00am for urgent appointments and after 10:00am for a routine request.
    • ‘I only want a certain GP’ - Wait times for specific GP’s may be higher, however we will try and honour your request. 
    • ‘I’ve missed my phone call – can you call again?’ – We will always phone twice. If you do not answer, then you will have to phone again the day after to arrange another appointment.
    •  'Can I submit a form for my child or elderly relative?' – Yes, you can and just use their details and yours as a proxy. Please be clear what number you wish to be contacted on.
    • 'How do I know reception staff understand how urgent my medical problem is when I ring or submit an on-line form?' - Our reception staff will ask a few pre-decided questions when you phone so that a trained practitioner can triage and deal with requests appropriately
    • 'I worry that my reason for calling will not be seen as urgent' - All of our team are very well trained to direct requests appropriately, we have also freed up a second GP in a morning to check through all requests and arrange the appropriate care needed. 


  • 'Why do I need a photo of my skin problem if I want to be seen in the surgery?' - We want to check how urgent the issue is, so send us as much information as possible. If we think it needs seeing sooner, a photo makes all the difference.
  • 'I’ve had an Annual Birthday Month Review invitation - what does this mean?' - Going forward we are trying to align those that need an annual review with having tests, monitoring and appointments around their birthday. This starts with a Health Care Assistant if we need your weight/blood pressure or blood tests at the surgery.
  • The next step would be with an appropriate Practice Nurse or Pharmacy appointment.
  • Some patients will need to speak to a GP also. 
  • 'Why is a medication review with a pharmacist?' - We have a wide range of pharmacists working at The Hollies to do medication reviews and review certain conditions. They are freeing up GP time to ensure we can see patients on the day.
  • 'I want to book a contraception review – who can do this?' - Our nursing team are offering contraception reviews and reception can book this for you after 10:00am.

Hub Appointments – Extended Access

In addition, appointments are available 6:00pm to 10:00pm on weekdays and 10:00am to 6:00pm at weekends and Bank Holidays at our local primary care hubs. 

For more information either contact the practice or call 111.  Latest details of opening times and services can be found on:

This service is available to all patients in the Sheffield area.

Late For Your Appointment

Please attend your appointment on time, if you are late you may not be seen. If you are not seen you will not be able to rearrange your appointment until the next working day-except in the event of an medical emergency that requires immediate attention.


If you require an interpreter to attend with you when you see your Doctor please notify the receptionist at the time of booking and they will arrange this for you.

Training Practice

The Hollies is a ‘training practice’. This means hospital doctors wanting to enter general practice spend four months with us in order to gain the experience they need to become family doctors. We also have two GP Registrars who are approaching qualification as a GP.

As a training practice your medical records may be used for educational purposes. Because of this we ask patients registering with us to sign a consent form giving permission for their records to be used in this way.

On occasion, video recording will be made of consultations. Video recording will not take place without the patient’s consent and any physical examination will not be recorded. The camera will be switched off on request at any time during the consultation. Further details of the procedure are included in the consent form. Patients will be advised if a surgery is being recorded as they book in and before they see the doctor.

There is no obligation to have your consultation recorded and refusal will not compromise your health care. Patients should however see video recording as an invitation to them to participate in and contribute to teaching, learning and assessment in medical education.