Sedative Prescribing for Fear of Flying

The Hollies Medical Centre does NOT prescript sedatives for fear of flying. This policy decision has been made by the GP Partners and is adhered to by all prescribers working in the practice. The reasons for this can be found below:

1) Diazepam is a sedative, which means it makes you sleepy and more relaxed. If there is an emergency during the flight it may impair your ability to concentrate, follow instructions and react to the situation. This could have serious safety consequences for you and those around you.

2) Sedative drugs can make you fall asleep, however when you do sleep it is an unnatural non-REM sleep. This means you won’t move around as much as during natural sleep. This can cause you to be at increased risk of developing a blood clot (DVT) in the leg or even the lung. Blood clots are very dangerous and can even prove fatal. This risk is even greater if your flight is greater than four hours.

3) Whilst most people find benzodiazepines like diazepam sedating, a small number have paradoxical agitation and in aggression. They can also cause disinhibition and lead you to behave in a way that you would not normally. This could impact on your safety as well as that of other passengers and could also get you into trouble with the law.

4) According to the prescribing guidelines doctors follow (BNF) Benzodiazepines are contraindicated (not allowed)  in phobia. Your doctor is taking a significant legal risk by prescribing against these guidelines. They are only licensed short term for a crisis in generalised anxiety. If this is the case, you should be getting proper care and support for your mental health and not going on a flight.

5) Diazepam and similar drugs are illegal in a number of countries. They may be confiscated or you may find yourself in trouble with the police.

6) Diazepam stays in your system for quite a while. If your job requires you to submit to random drug testing you may fail this having taken diazepam.

We appreciate that fear of flying is very real and very frightening. A much better approach is to tackle this properly with a Fear of Flying course run by the airlines and we have listed a number of these below.

Easy Jet Tel 0203 8131644

British Airways  Tel 01252 793250

Published on 17th May 2024

Parking & Speed

Please be considerate when parking and driving on St Andrews Road. 

This is a residential area and we require access to driveways at all times. 

Be mindful of your speed when driving along St Andrews Road, cars can get tightly packed on both sides of the road meaning accidents are more likely to occur when travelling at speed. 

This is to protect your safety as well as others.  

Thank you for your co-operation.

Published on 14th Jul 2023

Cheaper HRT with the new prepayment certificate

New HRT PrePayment Certificates are now available and could save you considerable amounts of money on prescriptions. To find out more please got to the following link: Cheaper HRT with the new prepayment certificate - YouTube



The Hollies Team

Published on 30th Mar 2023

Enhanced Access Update: 01st October 2022


Local GP practices have teamed up to improve the way we provide weekend and evening appointments for our patients. 

This new service will begin on Saturday 1st October it and will mean that most people will be able to book weekend and evening appointments closer to where they live. For our patients we will be providing appointments will be provided at Porterbrook Medical Centre.

Remote and face-to-face appointments can be made with a variety of GP practice staff including Doctors, Advance Care Practitioners, Nurses, Nurse Associates, Health Care Assistants, Physiotherapists and, Pharmacists.

Initially appointments can be booked through you practice, but we will soon be adding the option for patients to book direct online and through NHS 111.

This will also affect the times that The Hollies are open, please click here for updated times:


Click here to find out more: Enhanced Access City Cluster - Primary Care Sheffield

Click here to download information leaflet: CIty/University/Portervalley FINAL (

Published on 14th Sep 2022

Green Impact 2021-22 Bronze Certificate

Green Impact for Health - Bronze Award

Greener Practice is a primary care climate and sustainability network. We recognise that the climate and ecological crisis is the leading public health issue of our generation. We at The Hollies aim to raise awareness of the health benefits of climate action and support our primary care community to take practical action towards greener practice.  

In recognition of this The Hollies Medical Centre has worked towards an environmentally sustainable health care and we have been awarded the Bronze award for doing so. As we continue to increase our sustainability we can also gain further accolades for acheiving this.


If you would like to know more please feel free to explore the Greener Practice website,


Published on 23rd Feb 2022


We are now on Facebook.

Please follow us for regular updates. 

Published on 8th Dec 2021

Open Letter to Sheffield Residents

NHS Sheffield ICB have written an open letter to all residents to let you know about the challenges facing GPs in Sheffield and what you can do to help us, help you. Please take a few minutes to read it in full here: 

Published on 23rd Nov 2021

Good Health Certificate - Spain

We will NOT be completing any medical certificates of good health for the Spanish Embassy.

You will have to source a private GP to complete this for you.

Published on 4th Aug 2021

General Practice Data for Planning and Research (GPDPR)

NHS Digital has developed a new way to collect data from GP practices to use for health and care planning and research purposes.  This is called the General Practice Data for Planning and Research data collection. The system launches on September 1st this year. The new data collection reduces burden on GP practices, allowing doctors and other staff to focus on patient care, helping to find better treatments and improve patient outcomes for everyone. Please note NHS Digital will not collect patients’ names or addresses.

Please see (link to GDPR page) for more information, including how to opt out of the data collection if you should wish to do so.

1. Type 1 data opt out - Urgent action required as the opt out window closes on 23 June 2021
This is to protect GP data held on your system. Patients need to complete a form and leave it at reception.

2. Type 2 data opt out - No time limit
This is to protect non-GP data held on your system, eg hospital or clinic treatment.
Patients can do this for themselves by visiting the Make your choice webpage.
For children under 13 the form available hereshould be used.
For dependant adults the form available hereshould be used.

Published on 7th Jun 2021

Online Access using AccurX at the Hollies Medical Centre

You can request an appointment with the GP online with AccurX messaging via the appointment page. Just follow the link on the appointment page and send us the information about your request. This Is for urgent and routine enquiries, AccurX is open between 8am-8.30am for appointment requests. If we have it open any longer we get too overwhelmed with requests and it becomes unsafe. You do not need a login for accurx. 
Many thanks
The Hollies Team

Published on 16th Oct 2020

Register for Online Services

Our practice offers a wide range of services through an electronic system called SystmOnline.

This will allow you to manage your prescriptions electronically and allow you to book appointments online, view your summary medical record and vaccination history.

We are actively encouraging the use of SystmOnline as this will ease the pressures faced on our reception and administration team and is also more secure system.

To set this up we will need official photo I.D such as your passport or driving licence to be able to release your login details.

Please call us or e-mail photo ID to get set up. Email: Telephone: 0114 255 0094

Published on 5th Aug 2020