Coronavirus vaccination information

Covid Booster Update

Update in response to the Omicron booster emergency.

It is vital we all get vaccinated to protect ourselves and the NHS. We are working hard to provide extra vaccination clinics whilst continuing to provide care for our patients. You will be invited to these clinics by text. Please do not call us about your vaccine as you will block telephone lines needed for urgent calls. If you have an appointment with us but have had a vaccine elsewhere please cancel, so we can offer it to others. 1000s of Hollies patients are now eligible.

You can also book a vaccine directly through the websites below, ringing 119 and the “Grab a Jab website”.

Covid cases are rising and will do so further. Like you and your families the Hollies is impacted regularly by staff sickness and Covid isolation requirements. Please understand this impacts what we can do safely in a day, and be kind to our staff. We are doing our best.

We try to offer on the day access and when we are full urgent appointments only. Our receptionists are trained to help prioritise care. You can message us online via our AccuRx platform.

See the appointment section of our website.


Let’s work together to support each other during these challenging times.


Thank You

Team Hollies Medical Centre

Coronavirus Patient Information 

COVID-19 vaccination status /How to access my vaccine record or vaccine passport?

Please do not call us for a covid 19 vaccine record or vaccine card. The original vaccine cards were only to help people know their second dose dates, which have often changed as the vaccine schedule changed. We have delivered over 7000doses and it is not appropriate or necessary for practices to provide this information. 
1. NHS App - Covid Status - NHS Covid Pass - this is in the NHS App, under section your COVID-19 status and includes a 2D barcode with 'covid pass'
2. Online (
3. Paper copy sent via post (req online or calling 119

Covid vac

Can I choose which vaccine I get?

It will not be possible to give a choice between different vaccines as the healthcare professional vaccinating you will have to use the vaccine that is available at the time of your appointment.

What’s the difference between the different vaccines?

The vaccines that the NHS uses and in what circumstances will be decided by the MHRA. Both vaccines are classed as being very effective. The Oxford/AstraZeneca is easier to store and transport, meaning we can deliver them in more places, and we expect to have more doses available as they are manufactured in the UK, so we would expect that most people are likely to receive this vaccine over the coming weeks and months.


COVID-19 vaccination and blood clotting - Information about your vaccination

Public Health England information leaflet