Maternity Care

Maternity Care - Information During Covid-19 Pandemic

In order to provide additional support for pregnant and postnatal women during the current Covid-19 crisis, STH now have a Covid-19 Telephone Maternity Care Hotline for women to access advice easily.

Covid-19 Hotline for Maternity Care: 0114-2268091 (press option *)

The hotline is available 8am-4pm, Monday-Friday.

Pregnant women are advised to attend all scheduled appointments alone; only if they and their families have been well for the last 14 days. Pregnant women are advised to call 0114-2268091 as follows:

  • Unsure about whether to attend an appointment due to Covid-19.
  • Need to rearrange an appointment due to themselves or a family member being symptomatic, or having contact with someone who is diagnosed with Covid-19.
  • Any questions about pregnancy and Covid-19.
  • Any questions about how the current changes will affect their maternity care.